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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’

Free ebooks to read

Daily Reading

You can read an ebook online.  Your child’s teacher will let you know which colour book band your child is reading.

The link to Oxford Reading Tree is here:


The webpage looks like this:


You then click on the book band you need. To start with we are using book band Lilac and Pink. If your child gets more confident with their reading and phase 3 phonics then try them on red band.


Please use this structure each week for the book your child is reading. 


Talk about the front cover and the information on the back of the book.  What might it be about?  Why do you think that?  Is it a fiction (story) book or a non-fiction (information) book?  How do you know that?

Read the beginning of the book together.


Talk about what you have read so far.  What might happen next?  Why do you think that?  What other information might you find out?  Who are the main characters?  What are they like?  Where does the story take place?

Continue to read the book.


Re- read the book.  Talk about the punctuation, are there any speech marks / writing in BOLD?  How do we need to change our voices when we read those parts?  Are there any phonic sounds you notice in the book? E.g. lots of words with ch in them.


Read again, hopefully your child will be more fluent /confident with the words now.  Re-read your favourite page, why is it your favourite?  Is it because of what happens or the picture or the sounds of some of the words?  Look for a part of the book where the author could have chosen a different word for example it says “big” what other words could be used here? 


Read for a final time.  Ask questions about what happens in the book. Ask your child to retell the story or tell you their favourite fact that they have learnt.