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Summer Reading Challenge


Have a go at reading challenge over the summer! It's a free programme to support reading over the summer. Join the silly squad and find your avatar, discover some awesome books to read, play games and get points and unlock badges! Use the link below:



Letter Formation

Still image for this video

Follow the link below to find a fun experiment using milk and food colouring. What do you notice at the beginning? Are there any changes? Which colours and shapes can you see? Can you use the cotton bud really fast to create lots of patterns at the same time? If you add another ingredient, what do you think will happen? Let's have some fun! laugh

Have a go at making this easy hovercraft! You can decorate your CD before you start. You can even make several and have a race. Make sure you upload your designs on Eexat so we can see your amazing work!


How to Make a Hovercraft

Want a fun project to do at home for yourself or your kids? Building a hovercraft is easy and cheap, and the end product provides hours of fun! Click Here to...


How about having a try at some of these gardening projects? Did you know you can grow carrot greens from the top of a cut off carrot? That you can grow runner beans in a sandwich bag? That could can regrow lettuce from the stump? Well you can! Use the pictures below for inspiration! For celery, carrot tops and lettuce all you need to do in sit them in a shallow pool of water and sit in some sunshine. For growing cress and beans you use wet cotton balls or kitchen towel and then add the seeds/beans on top. You can use a sandwich bag or a jar for the beans, and an eggshell works great for cress seeds! Remember plants need sun and water to grow.


I'm going to have a go at growing carrot greens, roots and sprouts on my happy onion and broad beans in a jar! We would love to see what you are growing at home...upload photos to EExAT to show us and you could even write instructions on what you are doing to help them grow and on how much they are growing everyday!

Ikea Fort Ideas!

Leaf Threading

This is a great fine motor activity to get strong hands and fingers, which helps us to write! Collect leaves and make a needle out of a stick, and attach string, see how many leaves they can thread together then hang them up as a decoration. 

Vegetable Project

Look at all these vegetables growing in the garden! Look at the second set of pictures, that's whats growing, can you guess which plant matches which vegetable? I wonder if you can draw the vegetables and write about them, do you know their names?

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!

Nature Prints

Have a go at using natural things from your garden or walk to make prints this time, you could use flowers, leaves or even fruit!. Use paint to coat your flower/leaf then press it on the paper and keep it still for a perfect print. I wonder if you can create your own secret garden painting!



Car Project

Look at all these different cars! They are all so different. Can you name all the different cars? Some of these vehicles are used for different things, do you know what for? If you have a car, which type is it? I wonder if you can draw and write a sentence describing it. When you go on a walk today, why not make a tally? Create a chart for different colour cars and tally up how many of each colour you see!

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!

Shadow Project

Look at all these shadows Jodi has found and took photos of today. What do you think the shadows are of? How does a shadow happen? What if there is no sunshine? I wonder if you can find your own shadows in your garden or on a walk, ask your your parent to take a picture on their phone and upload it to EExAT!

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!

This was the 'flower moon' last Thursday, did you see it too?

Recreate A Book Cover

Here's your challenge, can you recreate this book cover? Look at the inspiration below and see how they did it. This week can you recreate the cover of "A Little Stuck"? Take a photo trying to match the cover and upload to EExAT!

Animals Project

Look at all these animals Jodi has discovered today. Why do you think the duck stands on one leg? I wonder why the tortoise has a shell? Why does a bird have claws? Why are bees stripy? See if you can write something about these anmals, and when you're on a walk see what animals you can spot and take pictures of.

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!

Fairy Houses Project

Jodi went on a walk in a magic forest, can you spot any fairy houses in the pictures below? What kind of fairy lives there do you think? I wonder if you can make your own fairy house from bits in your garden or you can collect things on a walk. Maybe you could write about your fairy house - don't forget to show us your fairy houses and your writing!

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!


Flower Project

Have a look at the flowers below, aren't they beautiful? Can you name each flower? Do some research on the internet. Your challenge is to see if you can find out what each flower is called, maybe write a sentence about them, ad you could draw and paint them! 

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!

Disney Shake up activities!

Get moving with these Change4Life 10 minute activities


Pattern Project

Have a look at the patterns in the mud below, aren't they fascinating? Who or what do you think made them? What shapes can you see in the patterns? Your challenge is to see if you can answer who made them and see what different patterns you can make yourself using mud, chalk, paint etc. 

Upload your project to EExAT so we can see what you've acheived!

Land Art 

Look at Emily's land art she made in her garden, can you make your own? All you have to do is use natural items from your garden or ones you've collected from a walk, and create your own picture or pattern. Use the pictures below for some inspiration. Upload your land art to EExAT!

Nature's Paintbrushes

Gather some sticks and different leaves/ flowers and tie them together with string to make your own natural paintbrushes. Try and use different shapes and sizes of leaves/flowers to get different effects. Grab some paint and start creating your masterpiece

Apple Science 

Have a go at investigating what’s inside an apple - can you name the different parts? Or why not turn it see if it sinks or swims by turning it into a boat? Why do you think this is? 
You can even have a go at creating your own structure - all you need are toothpicks and apple pieces. This is a great activity for designing, problem-solving and developing fine-motor skills - and the best part is, you can eat it afterwards!

Junk Modelling

Remember junk modelling isn't just for at school! Get you child to use your recycling with sellotape or glue and see what they can create.


Playdough Recipe

Use the recipe below to make playdough with your child, this will be great for building up their strength for writing!


8 tbsp plain flour.
2 tbsp table salt.
60ml warm water.
food colouring.

Make Playdough With Tracy

Still image for this video

Lidl Mudder

CHeck out the video below and Lidl supermarket's page for all the exercise videos they are doing to keep children moving!


6 Simple Kid's Exercises | Tough Mudder

Hungry Little Minds

Use this link for a handy list of age approriate apps and activities for home learning


Rainy Days

Here's some ideas for rainy days! How about making some puddle art? Use pens on paper to create patterns with colour and leave it out in the rain! 


Whether you call it Tic Tac Toe or Noughts & Crosses, this is a great game to play with your child. You can use sticks and pebbles like below, or just use pen and paper. This game is fantastic for problem solving and adapting strategy - have a go!

Relaxation for Children

Use this link for Facebook live sessions every Wednesday at 2pm. A free and wonderful way for children to relax,  through storytelling and you can enjoy relaxing with them!


At school, we use this platform to plan for our Art curriculum. It has many resources suitable for children, teenagers and parents. You can access this at home to engage in some fun art led activities!Below is a fun galaxy themed art project for your child to have a go at. Here is the link to the page.


Turn on the Subtitles

Turning on the subtitles when watching TV/Films helps us to read and with spellings. An easy way to support at home-just turn on the button.



Crafty Activity Ideas - open the document below to get the details

Lucy's in Lockdown

This is a lovely short story that looks at the different emotions your child may be feeling in this difficult situation, click the link below.

Why We Stay Home

Check out the document below for a detailed online story about the coronavirus aimed at children.  

Bird Watch

In Emily's garden there is a blackbird nest with blackbird chicks in it! See the video below. I wonder if there are any birds nesting in your garden?

Have a go at this craft to make your own bird feeders, check out the link below for lots of different kinds of bird feeders you could make, using a bottle, an apple, birdseed and lard or even peanut butter and birdseed!





Have a look at this live camera as well, showing it's own nest of blackbird chicks! 



Blackbird Chicks!

Still image for this video
Turn the volume up to hear them chirping!

Olaf Falafel

The beloved author Olaf who visited us last term is now hosting an 'art club' every Monday at 11am! Use the link below to see today's one, and tune in every Monday to get createive with your kids!



Art Club with Olaf Falafel - Episode 1


Use the link below to get some fantastic home learning ideas!



FREE colouring book!

Click the link below to download this personalised colouring book for your child:







Spring is starting and there is going to be lots of new life as the weather gets warmer. Why not check out some of these videos? Below there is a live camera watching a barn owl box, a farm with sheep that are due to give birth to lambs and check out Whipsnade Zoo's youtube, they have lots of fantastic videos about all the animals they look after there!





Barn Owls -



Whipsnade Zoo youtube -



Sonya, Mark and our lemurs bring the Zoo to you!

Join Sonya, Mark and our ring-tailed lemurs as we bring the Zoo to you!


This is a fantastic website to use that has lots of free resources, stories being read, activity ideas etc. They post a new activity every day - why not check it out?





Try out this idea for weaving, lovely idea for keeping fingers busy and getting creative!





Use the link below for some ideas for outdoor learning you could do! 


Discovery Education 

Use the link below and the login to access lots of videos and games to use at home.



Go to login in the top right hand corner (padlock symbol)

Select espresso

username: student4140



Go on to the 'FOUNDATION' tab and you can find lots of resources for all areas of learning.

Department For Education

The department of education have posted a page which has lots of different home learning links supporting different age ranges and subject areas - as well as some useful SEN links. Read the descriptions to see what it is, and make sure to use only the links targeted for 'early years foundation stage'. Use the link below to scroll through and see what you can find, or use the document below as we have put together all the links for EYFS!




DFE Links


This is a homeschooling website that has made all the planning free, You just need to enter an email address to be able to download their content. There are lots of great ideas, as well as stories being read, videos with learning ideas, a magazine etc. Below are some lovely things for you to explore at home!

Nature activity-


Science activities-




Have an explore and see what other fun things you can find on there to do!

Keeping active 

'P.E with Joe' is being uploaded every weekday on youtube in the morning. It's a fantastic way to keep active whilst we are all at home. Check it out:



PE With Joe | Thursday 7th May

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Use this link to find daily lessons being put up by BBC, covering lots of subjects and age ranges.



Book about coronavirus for kids illustrated by 'Gruffalo' illustrator Axel Scheffler 


This is a digital book free to download, which answers lots of questions children have about what's going on. 



Pavement paint!

Use this link to make your own paint to use on the pavement, for painting and writing!



Check out the booktrust website, it's got some superb stories being read as well as activities to play! 




Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.

Follow the link below:



  • Click on subject
  • Click on your child's year group
  • Click on a subject that your child would like to learn

Check out this wonderful 5 day home pack for some fantasic ideas to get creative outside in the garden! 

Please have a go at these challenges with your child over the next few weeks!