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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’


If you want any extra maths for your child to work on after completing the pack. Why not have a go at telling the time with your child on an analogue clock (a clock with hands). We call the long hand the minute hand and the short hand the hour hand. When the minute hand is on 12 it is something o'clock. When the minute hand is on 6 it is half past.

Start by learning to tell the time to:

  • the hour (o'clock)
  • then the half hour (check they get the hour right).
  • then quarter past and quarter to
  • then five minutes, e.g. five past six ro twenty five to four.


There are weblinks to an analogue teaching clock and to videos about telling the time as well as telling the time games.  There are also videos of powerpoints with questions on telling the time.

Year 2 O clock and half past questions

Year 2 Quarter past and quarter to questions

Year 2 Telling time to 5 minutes questions