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For Maths this week, we are working on money. If you have any real money at home it would be great if your child could explore this with you. What is the same? What is different about the coins and notes? Your child could make rubbings of the coins by putting them under a sheet of paper and then rubbing over the coins with a pencil or crayon. Maybe you could make a shop and practise paying for different items.

There is a video and a set of questions for each day (we have not included all the questions referred to in the video - just the ones we feel are most relevant for our children). The videos can be accessed by clicking on the White Rose Maths weblink. The questions can be accessed from the power point link or from the Youtube video of the powerpoint. You can also collect a paper copy of these questions from the office at Whipperley Infant Academy. If you have any questions then please email us at yeartwo@whipperley.infantluton.co.uk.  If you are able to, it would be great if you could email pictures of your child's work to us using the above email address. Many thanks, Year 2 team.


week beginning 4 1 21 maths money

This is a video of the powerpoint of the Maths slides and questions. Click on the separate link to watch the White Rose Maths videos related to these slides.

Week beginning 5.1.21 power point version of the maths slides and questions.