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Thank you to all the parents who had their children vaccinated against flu.  Worryingly the take up of the vaccine in Luton this year was considerably below expected numbers.  Flu is a really serious disease and children, especially,  can end up with serious complications.  Please see advice from the NHS below: 

We’re ready to offer your child the flu vaccine

Here’s why they should have it:

Flu is serious

ALL children can get ill and have the same symptoms as adults. Some will have to stay in bed for a few days, but others may have more serious complications.

The flu vaccine is the BEST way to protect your child

The vaccine helps their immune system to protect them against new flu virus strains circulating each year. Having a healthy lifestyle is great but WON’T stop your child getting flu. Because the type of flu going around changes every year, your child should have the vaccine every year to make sure they are protected.

To protect you, your family and community.

Flu spreads easily. Having the flu vaccine protects children, family and community members and also means your family is less likely to need time off school and work. This winter, it is more important than ever to protect those most vulnerable to the flu virus and protect the NHS as we prepare for the potential risks of both flu and COVID-19.

The vaccine is safe, free and easy to get

The flu vaccine is available to all primary school aged children and those in Year 7. Serious side effects from the vaccine are very uncommon, but the vaccine can sometimes cause a mild fever which usually gets better within 48 hours.

Social distancing and safety measures are in place in schools and community centres to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when giving the vaccine.

There is a vaccine option which doesn’t contain porcine gelatine

Most children will be given the nasal spray: this is safe, easy, fast and pain free to give. The nasal spray is manufactured using porcine gelatine This year, the injection will also be offered as an alternative which does NOT contain porcine gelatine if you do not want your child to have the nasal spray. While the injection does not provide as much protection as the nasal spray, it will still give children valuable protection from flu.

The flu vaccine is the best way to make sure your child stays free from flu this winter. Take advantage of this valuable protection for your child. Please sign and return the consent form or call 0300 790 0594 to book a clinic appointment.