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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’


  PE W/B 18/01/21


Please choose one of the following activities to work on and let us know how you get on.

  1. Cross the River


You will need:


  • Cushions
  • Family 



How to play:


  • Imagine there is a river running across your playing area with a riverbank on each side.
  • One-player game: Using two cushions as lily pads, try to cross the river without touching the floor.
  • Two or more player game: Using three cushions as lily pads, work together to try to cross the river.
  • Only one person is allowed on a lily pad at a time.




  • Make sure you have enough room to cross the river safely.
  • Make sure all obstacles such as tables are out of the way.
  • Make sure the ‘lily pads’ won’t slip and slide across the floor.



  • What was the best method for crossing the river?
  • How did you feel when you crossed the river?



2. Animal Moves




How to play:


  • Choose some music that reminds you of an animal.
  • Become an animal character. Can someone watching guess which animal you are?
  • Can you create movements where you pretend you are moving over or under things in your animal’s habitat?
  • With a partner, what happens when two animals meet? Can you create a movement to show what happens?
  • Can you be creative and become lots of different animal characters?
  • Can you keep trying to improve your animal character?


Top tips:


Get into character. How would your animal move? What things would be in their natural habitat? Are they big and scary or small and sweet?



Did you move staying in character? Could you imagine your animal moving through forests or water, over hills or under logs?





  1. Throwing for accuracy




You will need:

  • Box
  • Soft object such as a teddy.


How to play:

  • Stand a comfortable distance away from your box.
  • Hold your object with two hands. Underarm throw your object into the box. If it goes in the box, move the box a step away. If it misses, then move the box closer to you.
  • After 5 attempts, move on to throwing one handed. Remember to use your strongest hand.
  • Now see how many successful attempts you can get in a row.


Top tips:


Look at the target when you’re throwing.

Use the video for a demonstration




How many successful attempts did you manage? How did you feel when your object landed in the box?




You can also watch Joe Wicks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBodyCoachTV/videos.


You can send any work to yeartwo@whipperley.infantluton.co.uk