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Hello Year 2! We are going to continue looking at the Gruffalo story this week. The mouse describes the Gruffalo throughout the story. Here is a description of the Gruffalo.


  • Read the description about the Gruffalo  
  • Find all the words that are describing the Gruffalo – e.g. sharp pointed prickles
  • Using these words – Draw a picture of the Gruffalo.
  • Label your picture using the words. E.g. orange eyes, poisonous wart
  • Think about what you are going to draw and how you can match the description.
  • DON’T CHEAT! Try not to look at a picture of the Gruffalo!

Watch this video below to see how the mouse describes the Gruffalo when he finally meets him:

Day 2 – Design and make a Gruffalo Toast

Activity: Thinking about the Gruffalo today, see if you can design a Gruffalo Toast with ingredients that you have at home. (design on paper first and add labels)

Start with a slice of bread and then add in ingredients that you can use for the features of the Gruffalo. Make sure it is things that you can eat!  Think about the description from yesterday. How did the mouse describe the Gruffalo? (use the pictures to help)

  • What ingredient can you use for the eyes? Something orange?  What can you use for the teeth?
  • What can you use for the poisonous wart at the end of his nose? 
  • What can you use for the horns?



After the mouse meets the Gruffalo, he takes him for a walk through the forest. He meets all the other animals along the way who then get scared of the Gruffalo and run away.



Thinking about yourself, what would you do if you meet the Gruffalo? Write a short description of what you would do when you meet the Gruffalo… would you …

  • Get scared and run away?
  • Sit down and have a long conversation about your day, life, family or friends?
  • Go to a particular place such as your home, park, town, shopping, cinemas, school?
  • Talk about the mouse or the other animals from the story?
You can make your description funny, scary or however you like!

Day 4 and 5 –

We have looked at the story of the Gruffalo very closely recently. We talked about the characters, settings and looked very deeply at the mouse and the Gruffalo. We have used adjectives to describe different scenarios and now we are going to use all our knowledge to make our story book of the Gruffalo.

You are going to be writing the story…

To write your story, use the booklet. Think about the story sequence (remember your story map)

  • What happened at the beginning of the story?
  • What happened when the mouse met the characters? What did they say?
  • Towards the end of the story, what happened? Who was there? When did the Gruffalo appear? How did he appear?


Use the story openers to think of some interesting words to write your sentences! Make the story suspenseful and exciting. After writing your story, use the space in your book to draw your pictures! You can even add in your own speech bubbles for the characters! We can’t wait to read your stories!