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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’


It is really important to read with your child everyday! All it takes is 5 minutes each day. Talk about the book, the characters in the story and use the pictures as prompts. Give opportunities for children to ask their own questions about the story, did they enjoy the book, who were their favourite characters, why?


They are so excited about reading, so share in this excitement to help to build on their confidence and reading skills.



Thank you for your continued support

Shaving Foam Writing

Why not use this idea to practice tricky words and writing words/sentences?


Look at all these interesting insects, I wonder what they are? Can you write a sentence about them? You could describe them, write what they do and eat and where they live. I wodner what insects you could find in your garden? You could even make up a story about them!

Word Jumble

Emily's used her washing line and paper to create sentences but they are all muddled! I wonder if you can put them in the right order? Have a go yourself and make your own sentence on the washing line.

Outdoor Writing

Still image for this video



Have a go at hopscotch outside today! All you need is chalk, or even just water on the sunny pavement. draw your squares and make it a challenge by adding 'tricky words' or phonemes/diagraphs/trigraphs in the squares. Jump on each square with one foot, can you read all the words/sounds?


Just a reminder that Phonicsplay is something we use at school to support phonics teaching, and that their subscription is currently free! Use the link below to access lots of games and resources to support your child. 



Let your child have a go at making their own 'boggle' board game. Use post it notes/paper for them to write sounds on then see what words they can find and write down! They can move around the sounds if they need too, pulling them out if they finder it easier to make words that way.

Phonics Lessons

Over on Letters & Sounds YouTube channel they are going to be adding a reception phonics lesson every weekday at 10am! It's a fantastic idea to watch this with you child and help them brush up on their phonics. Use the link below and see the videos below to see what they have on offer.





Intro to our Reception lessons

Parent and carers guide to pronouncing phonemes

Book about coronavirus for kids illustrated by 'Gruffalo' illustrator Axel Scheffler 


This is a digital book free to download, which answers lots of questions children have about what's going on. 



Phonics Apps

Tracy found these fantastic free phonics apps, download them and use them as a part of your child's home learning!







Tricky Words and Sight Words Song


Check out the booktrust website, it's got some superb stories being read as well as activities to play! 







We've got lots of ideas on here for different types of scavenger hunts you can do in your house and garden (see below). Remember learning doesn't have to be sitting at a table! 

You could also use phonics skills in a scavenger hunt, they could find as many items as they can beginning with a sound ('t' tin, train, tray etc.) or you can 'sound talk' words of items you want them to find in the house (i.e. h-a-t say each individual sound) to keep them using their blending skills.

We love to see what you have been getting up to so please post anything you get up to on Eexat!


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