Whipperley Infant Academy School

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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’

The Trust

Link to the Trust Website:

Whipperley Academy Trust - Members and Trustees



Sandeep Shabir

Din Bhumgara

John Buck

Simon Crosby

Kim French



Susan Spriggs - Chair of Trustees, Safeguarding

Amelia Whitehouse – Headteacher/Trustee

John Paxton - Vice Chair of Trustees - Chair of Curriculum Committee 

Margaret Trinder - Vice Chair of Trustees - Chair of Finance, Audit, Personnel and Premises Committee

Christopher Davidson - Trustee

Jannatul Foujia Liza - Trustee

Asad Khan Mohammad - Parent Trustee

Mohammed Abdul Salam - Parent Trustee

Anthony Wright - Trustee

Paula Taylor - Trustee

Helen Feetenby - Trustee


Governance Professional and Clerk to the Board

Penny Parkin 

Articles of Association

Further Information

Whipperley Academy Trust Constition