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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’

Activity 1

Read the story below and answer the questions. Start by answering the questions in the Bronze level and then continue onto GOLD! Do you think you can get there? GO FOR IT! 

Bronze Questions

What did Lily and Mom do while Ryan and Dad set up the tent? 


What did they all cook over the bonfire to eat for dinner? 


What did Lily get out for dessert? 


What is Lily and Ryan’s favourite part of camping? 


Silver Questions

How did they cook the hotdogs?


How did they all roast their marshmallows?


How do Lily and Ryan feel about eating marshmallows in front of the bonfire?

Gold Questions

Why did Lily and Ryan need pointy sticks for the hotdogs?


Why did they turn the sticks slowly when cooking the hot dogs?


Why do you think people go camping?

Try out these activities:

1. Make your own camp at home. What size will it be? How will you make it secure and strong? How will you keep it up?  

2. Make a cup of Hot Chocolate/tea to enjoy in your camp. 

3. Pack a bag with some camping essentials. What will you take with you and why? 

 Have a look at these videos below to learn more about camping... ENJOY!  

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