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Whipperley Infant Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’

Activity 2

Read the story below and answer the questions. Begin with the bronze questions, then move onto silver and see if you can have a go with the gold questions!
































How old is Tom?


Where does Tom live?


What pets did Tom want?


What was in the cage?  


How does Tom feel when Mum says “No?” How do you know this?


How does Mum try to make Tom feel better?


How do you know Tom is happy about his new pet?


Why was Tom excited when he saw a cage on the table?


Why did Tom call his pet, ‘Rusty?’


Do you have a pet, or would you like one? What kind of pet?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Now give these activities a go:


1. Can you name the pets below and match them with their homes? 




2. Now, following this video make your own finger puppets. What pets will you have? How many will you make? Are you going to make one for every finger?

Here is my attempt at some finger puppets. Now you have a go. Let's see what creative finger puppets you can make.