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Science Event - Tuesday 12/03/2024

Whipperley Family Science Event - Tuesday 12th March 2024

All children and adults were engaged in all of the activities across the school. Feedback from adults spoken to was positive and we cannot wait to be able to carry out more open days in the future. Thank you for taking the time to support your child, it was a pleasure to see you all. 

In Early Years,  you could try and balance a penny on a floating lemon.  Did you manage it? You were also challenged to make raisins dance! Did yours?  You were also able learn more about the differences of solids and liquids by exploring the cornflour table. 


 In Year 1, you were offered the opportunity to explore all of your senses. Did you manage to guess what was hidden in the boxes using your sense of touch? Different materials were available to create your own musical instrument. Lots of fun was had making shakers using pasta and rice. The tasting room was interesting to observe as the children reacted to food that tasted bitter, sweet and sour!                            


In Year 2 we offered magnetic mazes where the children created their own mazes and were challenged to get the paper clip through the maze using a magnet on the outside. Mixing patterns with milk was a very popular activity as they were exploring the science behind it (it was all to do with the fats within the milk!) Adults and children alike were intrigued to see how rocket mice can fly and whether the size of the bottle had any impact. Another popular activity was discovering how oil affects feathers which allowed conversation linking to protecting our animals.